The Liebster Award (English version)

Whaaaat the fuuuck am I doing in English?

No, I’m not getting mad. Not yet. I’m just trying to write this post in English because I got nominated for the Liebster Award by a Belgian travel blogger: her name’s Emilie (thank you very much, Emilie!) and this is her Liebster Award. She writes in English, so I thought to write in English too. It could be funny. I guess that I speak English quite well, but I’m always, always, always afraid of making terrible mistakes. If I talk to someone abroad and he doesn’t understand me, I can gesticulate something strange like every Italian would do, but if I write something wrong… I can’t gesticulate.

That’s why I don’t write my blog in English.

Ok, let’s do it. Yes we can, right?

There’s an Italian version of my Liebster Award, you can find it here. What I have to do now is answer Emilie’s questions.

How often do you travel?

I’m trying to travel two or three times in a year, more or less.

Could you tell us 3 items from your bucket list?

I actually don’t have a real bucket list, anyway I say: visit Helsinki again, take photos of puffins and visit Morocco or Egypt.

What’s the nicest island you have visited?

Ustica, a small and cute island in Sicily, Italy.

What would your ideal hometown be?

Helsinki. Lol.

Is there a country where you would never consider going?

I would never go to some countries in Africa, because I’m really scared of strange viruses or infections, but I change my mind quite often.

What weird thing do you always have with you when traveling?

A pink owl shaped luggage card holder. I love it.

What was the longest trip? From where to where? 

From Rome to Wien by car, with my family, more than ten years ago. We got lost before the border with Austria. Eighteen hours trip. Don’t ask me how it’s possible.

Your best food discovery abroad?

The full Irish breakfast. My. God.

What was your nicest surprise (a place you were not expecting a lot from)?

Barcelona. I’ve never thought I would like Spain so much!

Would you like to meet other travel bloggers when traveling?

I don’t know. I’m not a cool and professional travel blogger, and I’m not so sociable anyway, lol. It would be weird!

Any travel recommendations for NYE?

This year I tried to reserve something cool for me and my boyfriend, but I gave up. So… don’t give up.


That’s all! What do you think about my English version of Liebster Award? Come on, leave a comment below! 🙂